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Actionable Reporting

Delve deep into our comprehensive suite of reports, each meticulously crafted to meet the needs of our users. From candidates and hiring managers to HR professionals and psychologists, our reports are designed to be actionable and time-efficient without overwhelming you with excessive information.

Experience powerful insights that empower each user to make informed and swift decisions, enhancing productivity and driving success in your hiring process.

Computer-Generated Cognitive Ability Tests

Explore the forefront of psychometrics with our computer-generated tests of cognitive abilities. This innovation challenges the relevance of traditional test types while upholding trust in the test's validity.

With each application being composed of distinct questions, it drastically reduces cheating.

Remote Monitoring: Comfort Meets Credibility

Elevate the assessment journey with our advanced remote monitoring system. Candidates can comfortably undertake psychometric assessment from their homes, with our stringent oversight ensuring authentic results. This innovative method upholds the result's integrity and dramatically reduces both costs and workplace interruptions.

Thanks to our TestAnywhere tool, supervised assessments transcend physical boundaries. With rigorous camera, microphone, and screen capture, we match the integrity of traditional assessment centers. Candidates appreciate this approach, avoiding travel and scheduling issues, letting you efficiently assess numerous candidates with ease.

Over 900 Customizable Job Profiles at Your Fingertips

Peruse a vast repository, boasting over 900 meticulously detailed job profiles. Embedded with the renowned O*NET® database, maintained by the U.S. Department of Labor, our system ensures you benefit from standardized psychometric profiles across a multitude of professions. Quickly and accurately identify the key traits and competencies for any role and streamline your hiring and assessment process.

But that is not where it ends. Customize and blend profiles according to your specific needs, granting you the flexibility and precision to craft the ideal criteria for any position. Elevate your recruitment strategy with resources that are as dynamic as your business needs.

Scientifically Valid Tools with Unparalleled Flexibility

Empower your recruitment and assessment strategy with the foundation of robust science. Inspect our diverse range of tests and questionnaires and design an assessment battery that is meticulously tailored to your business needs. Such granular customization means that every assessment is a direct reflection of your specific criteria.

Experience transparency in pricing: assessment processes are entirely free, and data processing fees are levied per candidate, not per tool. Assemble your ideal battery without a single pricing worry. As the world of psychometrics evolves, we work to remain at the forefront of science — consistently refining and expanding our toolkit to ensure you have the best at your disposal.

Easy Compliance

Equip yourself with tools designed to simplify the complexities of legal compliance. Our platform offers you the resources to navigate data storage, management, processing, and sharing with heightened awareness and ease.

In the context of GDPR, our tools are structured to help you understand and address its stipulations, from data portability to the right to be forgotten. We make it easy to stay compliant, so you can focus on what matters most.

Optimized Interface For Ease of Use

A user experience where clarity meets capability. Our platform has been carefully designed for intuitive navigation, promoting easy data browsing, swift comparisons, and efficient assessment tracking. With every interaction, we prioritize your efficiency, ensuring that even the most intricate information is accessible without hassle.

Embrace a system designed with your productivity at its core.

Transparent Science, No Mysteries

At our core, we champion a no-nonsense, science-first approach. Eschewing "magic" algorithms or proprietary black boxes, we believe in complete transparency. The science we lean on is robust and time-tested, merely optimized and automated through our digital assessment tools.

Every calculation, every ratio, every weight in our system can be dissected, understood, and validated. If you wish, you can replicate our results with just pen and paper. We empower HR professionals and psychologists with the confidence that our computed fits are not just technically precise, but also grounded in credible research. Delve into our platform knowing there is genuine science backing its every aspect.

Tailored Communication with Customizable Message Templates

Stay consistently clear and on-point in every interaction. Our feature empowers you to effortlessly craft templates for vital communications, from invitations to reminders, ensuring all participants are always in the loop. Establish these templates across the organization to promote a cohesive voice.

Dig into the details with customization for individual assessment processes, adjusting content to strike the right chord with specific audiences or contexts. Amplifying the sense of trust, each message carries your distinct logo. Thanks to our versatile templates, you are perpetually equipped to communicate in a manner that is efficient, effective, and in line with your brand.

Seamless Efficiency with Global Search

Experience unparalleled ease with our powerful global search. At a glance, tap into candidates, tenders, target job profiles, or assessment batteries. Our intuitive system ensures that you do not waste a moment, bringing forward precisely what you seek, when you seek it.