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Science in your hands

Extend your candidate pool and make better, data-driven decisions

The last 100 years of research have shown that the use of psychometric assessment in your HR processes will significantly improve employee productivity.

Broaden your candidate pool using our set of pre-assessed candidates and hire efficiently and reliably!

Too few candidates? Too many interviews? Not anymore!

Extend your candidate pool

Better candidates mean better employees. Our system suggests the most suitable candidates from our pre-assessed candidate pool, filtered by their location, level and type of education, and language proficiency level.

Interview the best candidates first

Reduce the work of the management team to
3 preliminary interviews or less.
Using remotely controlled computer-generated assessment increases decision validity while being convenient for both candidates and employers.

Start immediately with turnkey service

You can save thousands of dollars when hiring your next employee. Let our support team handle all the assessment-related issues while you focus on your work!

Committed to quality

Compliant with legal, regulatory, & professional requirements

Strict adherence to standards provides reliable and accurate results.

A proven solution

With 10 years of experience, assessing over 115,000 candidates over 7 European markets, our services are used by organizations in a variety of business sectors.

Fully adaptable & integrable

Our platform is fully configurable and integration-ready, with support for easy incorporation into SAP, MS Dynamics, and other ERP systems.

Who can benefit from using our services?

Our platform is successfully used by all sizes of organizations, from micro companies to large enterprises, for hiring, development, and succession planning.

Our solution allows for utilizing psychometric assessment at all levels, from operations to top management.

How does it work?

Select your target job profile

Select a target job profile from our database and (optionally) modify it to your needs or let our Account Manager do it for you. Our services are included in the price, but certifying your own employees will grant you discounts.

Select assessment tools

Select and configure a scientifically and legally appropriate set of assessment tools, assuring the most reliable and unbiased results, or ask our Account Manager to do it for you.

Collect candidates

Add a link to your job post or let our Account Manager import candidates from your ATS. You can also use our ATS tool at no extra cost.

Invite & assess

Use our system to invite candidates to the psychometric assessment procedure or let our Account Manager do it for you. Candidates will complete the assessment remotely and will be monitored with our innovative TestAnywhere system. This ensures the reliability of results, equal to the quality of the in-person assessment, while radically reducing your team's burden.

Extend your candidate pool

Adding candidates to your candidate pool significantly improves your hiring process. Our system will suggest the most suitable candidates from our candidate pool, filtered by their location, level and type of education, and language proficiency level.

Start interviewing

Ensure yourself a competitive position of being the first to make the employment offer, before other employers, by focusing on the most promising candidates first. Significantly reduce the number of your preliminary interviews using highly reliable and actionable information.

Pricing & Discounts

5 assessments
Save €0
0% Discount
10 assessments
Save €100
7% Discount
30 assessments
Save €600
15% Discount
60 assessments
Save €1.800
24% Discount

We also offer bulk discounts for larger purchases. Please, contact us for a quote.

Get 40% off on
hiring-related assessments!

For hiring-related assessments an additional 40% discount is applied to the above.

Candidate database access

Improve your candidate pool using our talent database.

Performed by Certified Professionals

Certifying your own employees can additionally reduce your expenses, but is not required!

Certified Psychologist

Helps you select and configure a target job profile and is responsible for conducting the psychometric assessment. They also help interpret the reports.

Their services are bundled with the price of service, but if you use your own certified employee instead, the cost of assessments is reduced by 14%.

Certified Administrator

Handles administrative tasks and provides support to candidates.

Their services are bundled with the price of service, but if you use your own certified employee instead, the cost of assessments is reduced by 6%.

Note that since January 2023, this certification is free, and attending the theoretical part of the training is not required.

Find out more in our free Training & Certification Handbook.

Our clients

Start using our services for free!

Assess up to 30 candidates annually and obtain access to another 6 candidates from our database for free!

Want to learn more?

For detailed information on hiring process reliability, as well as other aspects of our work, please check our

If you are wondering how using our services will save your company effort and time, feel free to check out our
Return On Investment (ROI) calculator.

Return on investment (ROI)

Our services provide both short-term and long-term benefits, far exceeding the total cost of ownership, as well as delivering a quick return on investment.

#1 Savings due to a reduced number of preliminary interviews

Fewer interviews = lower internal expenses

Increase the (cost) efficiency of the hiring process by reducing the number of interviews to a smaller set of the most promising candidates.

We will address increased employee output due to an extended candidate pool and more a reliable selection method a bit later.

How many preliminary interviews do you usually conduct?

From the pool of candidates, only several people are usually invited to the preliminary interview. On average, how many candidates are invited to preliminary interviews in your hiring procedures?

Think about the interviews you conducted in 2022. Were there 3, 5, or 8?

What is the internal cost of a preliminary interview?

Consider the hourly rate of everyone involved, as well as the cost of the room and other materials.

Don't forget to factor in the time and effort spent organizing and preparing the interview, as well as the review process, for everyone included.

A minimal industrial standard for this would be 2 hours of your time and 1.5 hours of work for each other person involved. For example, a calculation could be: €100 for the room, 2 x €80 for your time, 1.5 x €100 for the technical lead, 1.5 x €100 for the organizational lead, bringing the total to €560 per preliminary interview!

Your initial savings due to a reduced number of preliminary interviews are 1.680

We have been able to reduce the number of preliminary interviews for our customers to less than 3. By using our method, we make sure, you talk to the best candidates first!

#2 Increased employee output

Better hiring leads to better long-term employee performance

As you can see in our brochure, not all hiring methods are created equal. The most commonly used metrics for hiring, such as job experience, CVs, and personality questionnaires, can be flawed and inaccurate.

Increasing the validity of hiring methods can, over time, lead to significant financial gains from increased employee productivity.

You can read more in our brochure (page 3) and our blog post.

Source: Schmidt, F. L., Oh, I.-S., Shaffer, J. A. (2016). The validity and utility of selection methods in personnel psychology: Practical and theoretical implications of 100 years. ResearchGate.

What is the average annual salary of your employees?

Insert an average annual salary of employees you typically hire or plan to hire with the help of our tools.

What kind of candidates are you looking for?

This information is used to calculate job complexity and candidate pool variability, both of which are important for the calculation of long-term gains.

Your total savings in the first year are 20.880 per new employee

By using our services, our customers save 1.680 on average in interview cost reduction, and another 19.200 for every year the employee stays with the company.

Talk about savings! But that's not all!

#3 Putting it all together

How many new employees do you hire per year?

This information is used to determine our total costs, savings, and gains.

Your return on investment is 300%!

Let's assume that hiring new employees will require a maximum of 15 psychometrically assessed candidates per procedure. This leads to a cost of approximately €800 per procedure and 19.200 per year.

But those employees will also net 19.200 in productivity gains and 1.300 in cost savings for a total of 19.200.

Just remember: these productivity gains don't stop after the first year!

What about additional candidates from HR Potentials pre-assessed candidate pool?

Our calculation did not factor in the improvement in candidate quality that results from using our assessed candidate database. By utilizing this resource, your team can expect to see a significant increase in return on investment, potentially as high as 50-100% depending on the specific selection procedures used.

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